This week we listened to a widow named Regina, sitting under the shade of her grass thatch roof.  She thinks she is about 80, based on the president of Uganda when she was a child, but she is unsure since when she was born there were no records kept of birth.  We know she has a story, we know she has a testimony, and we know she prays for the church in her village.  Every week she sweeps the ground to prepare for believers coming together to worship and pray under the mango trees.  She is faithful and humble.  We were moved as we prayed for her, for the heaviness she feels in her chest as she ages.


Church Site Under Mango Trees









Today we joined many members of the congregation, coming together for a day of prayer – a day set aside to fast and pray for the Lord’s direction for their church.  Church discipline is difficult.  And even more so with a church leader.  That’s what had just happened when we arrived.  As difficult and painful as it was, each one in leadership described the desire to deal with the situation scripturally, to please God rather than to please man.  The desire to be obedient to God’s word gives them courage.  We sought Him together and waited on Him.  After two hours, there was an impatience growing in me (Hal).  I asked myself, “How long is this going to last?”  After another hour, my impatience was replaced with a humble waiting and a real sense that God needed to work in this situation instead of trying to “figure it out”.  We were waiting for the Lord to move in His people, to give direction and work in people’s hearts.  After five hours, there was a sense that He was going to do something.  I don’t know what, but there was a peace.

We are humbled.  Humbled by servants, by the practice of prayer, by obedience and humility.  We are moved by people and by God’s word.  When our hearts and souls are moved by God’s word, our feet are moved to a place of obedience.   We are right where God wants us to be.

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