Feeling Full

It’s time to make my way home.   People have shown gracious hospitality, have fed me their best and welcomed me into their lives.  The main road back is open now – overturned trucks have been moved.    There is always room for company in the vehicle – someone needing a ride on the way.  This time it’s sisters on their way to school – Alpha and Gift’s daughters.  Reflecting while driving brings a full range of thoughts on the many ways God has been with me, making a way all along.

Finding Grasses to Purchase

Stopping to Purchase Grasses




Riding on Top

Roof Repair Begins









Repairing the Roof

Roof Repairs Under Way







Grass-Eating Termite

Giant spider I nearly walked into!







Daily Chores – Carrying Firewood

Church at Palei – Bittersweet after malaria takes the life of a member’s 2-year-old girl just the night before











Sisters ready to travel for school













          I’m impacted here by people – by their testimonies, their stories.  There is a deeper connection and realization to some Old Testament stories like those of Josiah and David.  What we don’t know can hurt us.  Being poor – how does it affect spiritual development?  God gives me everything I have – it’s all from Him.  I don’t have anything – I am poor.  It’s difficult to see myself when I have resources; difficult to see my need,  my poverty.  Poverty helps me – not because it’s good – but because I see my own condition.  Scripture is alive, it’s flowing off the pages.  When I’m here I have a feeling of being fed, a feeling of fullness.