When There’s No Lowe’s

In a month the hope is there will be a roof on this building.  The church has out-grown its previous structure, and the roof was torn off in a big wind storm.  This will be a regional training center and a place for holding conferences.  Weddings recognized by the State will be performed  here, a very important aspect of cultural change that protects wives and children.

When there’s no Lowe’s you venture to the marketplace, jammed with vendors, to learn the ways of scheduling a truck to carry the load of materials needed to build a roof.  Who knew the bargain price was only for the broker?  The truck and driver still needed to be purchased, followed by the truck driver making rounds the remainder of the afternoon to find buyers who would add to the load, making the trip as worthwhile as possible.  Still learning!  There’s a new understanding of the unusually high percentage of extremely over-loaded trucks on these roads!  

Destination Kitgum: Accomplished! The materials are on site; work can begin! Ozzie will stay as the project manager alongside his old friend, Francis (“Fundi Francis”).  The people here are filled with excitement and energy!