His Heart in Action

Muzee (moo-zei) is a respectful and endearing word to address a wise old man. It becomes like the man’s name.  Muzee Otto’s birthday was celebrated yesterday by many friends who shared the commonality of knowing the ways Muzee and Auntie Ivy served people and cared for people during the 30-plus years of their ministry here in Uganda.  Story after story after story described, “how he cared for me when times were difficult”, “how he helped me build something”, “how they helped me get something I wanted”, “how he helped me move”, “how she (Ivy) cared for the sick during their last days”, . . . The sincerity and endearment expressed by people who felt the act of compassion was moving.  Not unlike Christ “who had compassion on them” (Matthew 14:14).  And, “What we see Jesus claim with his words in Matthew 11:29, we see him prove with his actions time and time again in all four Gospels.  What he is, he does.  He cannot act any other way.  His life proves his heart.”1  Who gets to see this played out in real time?  Encouraged to consider that I too might become like Christ, to have a heart like his so that what I am, I do.  So I cannot act any other way.  So that my life proves my heart to be one of compassion, like that of Christ.

Tomorrow the plan is to drive up to Gulu. (Lord willing – if transmission repairs on the vehicle are  complete – prayers appreciated!) Drive time is opportune time for conversations – with Muzee and any other passengers along for the ride.  Much is being learned this trip!  Much to be grateful for!  Much to look forward to!

We’ll meet up with Oz who has made great progress on the roof for the church building alongside his friend, “Fundi (Foon-dee) Francis”.  Hearts in action all around!

1Dane Ortlund’s book, Gentle and Lowly The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers, Chapter 2, His Heart in Action, page 25.